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Pest Guide - Crickets

Cave Cricket

Cave crickets, also known as camel crickets and spider crickets, belong to the Family Rhaphidophoridae. As their name implies, these crickets are commonly found in caves, although some species also dwell in cool, damp areas such as beneath rotten logs, damp leaves, stones, crawl spaces and basement areas.

Cave crickets are wingless, are brown in color and may measure up to one inch in length. They have large hind legs and a set of long antennae, which serve as guides through their darkened environments. The cave cricket's long limbs enable them to jump high and far. The bodies of these crickets are bent forward and appear to be humped at the back. Many cave cricket species live without sufficient food sources. Some species of cave cricket have been known to damage clothing and curtains when they invaded homes.

Cave crickets seldom invade homes although some do move inside when their environment becomes too hot and dry. They are not usually capable of reproducing outside of their native habitats and rarely find indoor locations that are dark and damp enough to suit them.